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Explore Different Types of Aluminum Boats in Canada

Aluminium boats are a popular choice of fishing boat, especially when it comes to freshwater fishing. Aluminium hull manufacturers provide a very simple design with riveted or welded bench seating and hulls.

aluminum boat manufacturers

These boats are usually powered by outboard engines and have a tiller and remote steering options. There are four main types of aluminium fishing boats:

  • Deep V-boats are the most popular choice of aluminium fishing boat thanks to their extra-wide bottom, and deep-V welded hulls that provide a smooth riding experience and stability on large waves and rough waters.
  • Jon boats are fishing boats with an almost or completely flat bottom enabling navigation in extremely shallow — but calm — waters.
  • Bass boats feature swivel chairs for angler comfort and greater fishing reach, storage bins for fishing equipment, and live wells for keeping caught fish alive in recirculating water. These are propelled by outboard and trolling motors.
  • Multi-species boats come in many forms but are generally described as versatile all-round fishing boats with semi-V hulls that can adapt from lake to sea waters with ease.

These are the main aluminium boat available in the market. Aluminium boats are preferred for fishing because, thanks to their slight design, they can access smaller and shallower fishing areas that other fishing boats can’t reach. They are low maintenance, with high corrosion resistance, hold up in demanding weather conditions, and can last up to 40 years.