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Essential Tips Every Golfer Will Always Need To Know In US

Golf is back, and it’s imperative you get your game in shape for the summer.       

Here are some essential tips every golfer needs:

1. Swing with an anti-slice grip

If you slice, it’s probably because you’re not closing the clubface fast enough through the hitting zone. To improve your ability to deliver a square clubface (relative to your path), make practice swings with your hands split apart on the grip. There are many reliable golf schools are available that provide top golf tips for seniors and beginners.

2. Give your backswing a power boost

As you start the club back, make it a goal to get your hands as far away from your right ear as possible and maintain that width all the way to the top of your backswing. A wider swing arc automatically fuels a faster downswing and eliminates the chopping action that causes pop-up drives and slices.

3. Learn the benefits of consistent lag putting

Pros rarely 3-putt inside of 40 feet, but do so almost a third of the time from outside 60 feet. Even for the best players in the world, lag putting is a score-breaker. Make it a part of any practice session.

5. One key to consistency

Maintaining good arm structure throughout your swing is a major consistency key. This will help you maintain the correct relationship between your arms and give proper shape and consistency to your swing.