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Ensuring Speed And Accuracy Through Leak Testing Equipments

There are many factors that must be considered before implementing a successful leak testing solution, such as test pressure, temperature production rate, volume, and part dimensions. Then there is the leak rate detection to consider.

The simple answer is that the acceptable leak rate reduces the options to the two most common methods of leak testing: vacuum or pressure drop. The budget and whether or not the leak rate data results are required determine whether an alternative method is necessary. To find out more details about a vacuum seal tester visit

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Systematically inappropriate measurement methods can lead to unnecessarily rejected parts, and process errors can pass parts that will compromise the quality of the final product. Once the customer's needs are understood, the solution provider's engineering team will analyze the part internally and collect data on leakage limit, ambient temperature, hidden interior volumes, sealing surface finish, rigidity of the material and the dryness of the part. .

The last step is to bring it all together in one machine that combines foolproof testing with an easy-to-use interface that delivers fast, accurate, and easy-to-interpret data. To this end, your solution provider must incorporate the highest quality components into their leak testing equipment. High resolution converters record measurements as low as 0.1 Pa, allowing very small leaks to be detected quickly and accurately. The part can be tested from full vacuum and noise suppression functions prevent false rejections.

Tests can be easily configured for various styles of parts, or multiple tests can be performed on a single part, making the leak tester suitable for high- and low-volume production. By adhering to the development process, the leak testing equipment will deliver speed and accuracy, reducing production time for the customer.