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Does Anti Skid Surfacing Reduce Road Accidents?

If your home is close to the highway and if you have had a lot of rain in your city recently, then you could expect a lot of thuds and bangs in some days!

The problem is – None of those thuds and bangs are pleasant to hear. And if you were surprised to find out what were those bangs all about – Then go to the highway and you would surely find a couple of vehicles lying by the ditch. And if you were wondering what made the vehicles slip, look at the roads. Possibly they were too slippery.

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You need to understand the science of the tires to get to the bottom of the fact that accidents do happen especially if the roads are wet. Basically, tires are classified into dry weather tires and wet weather tires. The issue is people prefer going for dry weather tires especially if the weather does not play truant.

Dry weather tires allow vehicles to be maneuvered easily. Importantly, having dry weather tires allow you to drive your vehicle fast! You surely do not want to motor around on speeds of 40 when you could drive your vehicle in the 80s.

Now, the use of anti-skid surfacing material on the roads will allow your car to be driven safely on wet roads without having to risk accidents. Now, the points to be noted here are –

1) The anti-skid surfacing material has to be added to the roads, once they have been constructed and flattened, and

2) The presence of anti-skid material on the roads does not allow you to drive at exorbitant speeds. Driving on a road at speeds of 100 when it is tailored for 80 is sure to invite accidents.