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Do You Want Troubleshooting A Laptop That Won’t Power On

It's a nice day you work on your laptop and suddenly everything is black. The laptop turns off without warning. 

The first thing you should do is check if you are plugged in. If this is not the case, you can breathe a sigh of relief and connect your AC adapter. You can navigate to this website to find various parts of laptops and systems. 

On the other hand, if it is plugged in and there is still no power on the laptop, you must unplug it and make a power cycle.

A power cycle, even if it seems complicated is a simple process. First of all, you must unplug your laptop from any power source. 

Once all power sources are disconnected, you will also need to disconnect any external hardware that can be attached to your system. 

Once all the hardware is deleted, remove the battery from your laptop. Delete the battery is a simple process again. 

With nothing connected to your computer, press and hold the power button on your computer.

This step may seem very strange but it works in many cases, especially with laptops. What's going on is that if you have used your laptop for a while, there are static that develop in the internal parts. This can cause a closure of the computer.

You can also use the power cycle if you have a broadband connection that gives you problems intermittently. 

The next thing to do is check alternately with your battery and power. If your computer runs on the battery and not power, it's an indication of an adapter problem.