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Colostrum Is The key To Healthier Calves

Colostrum is a protein-rich food supply with the greatest levels of protective antibodies. Cows produce colostrum from the first milking. 

Thus, you must realize the function colostrum performs in calf health if you would like to provide them a fantastic start to life. This can allow you to minimize or prevent catastrophic ailments and expensive losses. To get more information about the calf health visit

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The health benefits of colostrum

A calf's placenta prevents the transport of big antibodies. To kickstart their immune system they need to consume those antibodies throughout the intestinal wall.

Their capacity to do this hastens 24 hours following arrival. This makes their very first hours of life essential. Colostrum provides protection from:

-Brief  and long-term effects of scour-causing pathogens like rotavirus.

-infectious bugs they may find after birth.

The best way to Make Certain calves get sufficient good Excellent colostrum:

You can't always rely upon a dam to present a calf with all the quantity and quality of colostrum it requires. Take these steps to ensure that your calves get the embryo that they ought to be healthy.

-Provide additional, high-quality colostrum in the first 24 hours daily, through tubing or teat feeders.

-Give calves at least 2 liters of colostrum during the first half an hour following birth.

-Clean all feeding and storage equipment to decrease the risk of microbial contamination.