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Truvada Injury Lawsuit & Kidney Failure Complications

Truvada PrEP using TDF is accepted to treat HIV-negative adults and protect them from contracting the virus. Injured plaintiffs have filed suits against Gilead Sciences, asserting they've been harmed by Truvada, an HIV medication associated with harmful side effects and complications.

Truvada (tenofovir disproxil), among the most prescribed medications for HIV, has been associated with bone density loss, kidney failure and other harms by individuals around the nation. Read more information about truvada lawsuits via

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Lawyers representing injured HIV patients state Gilead might have intentionally delayed the growth of a safer medication to keep on benefiting while patients risked kidney failure.

The class-action lawsuit suggests Gilead understood as far back as 2000 the organization's research division had grown a less harmful and less poisonous HIV medication that better restricted the danger of kidney failure and bone density reduction.

However, the firm failed to create safer medicine, according to lawyers, and Gilead might have hidden tenofovir's dangers

Complaints say HIV patients danger experiencing kidney failure, lactic acidosis, and bone degeneration, in addition to other unwanted effects and complications.

Truvada Injury Lawsuits

Class action suits are filed by tens of thousands of HIV sufferers and PrEP users, and plaintiffs assert that Gilead should make a fund for all those victims of TDF-related medication harm.

Lawyers and consumer protection advocates are looking for resolution and compensation for all those injured. Gilead promoted and sold less powerful drugs for nearly 15 decades.

Gilead disputes the allegations that the company failed to warn patients. The business has said that previously it's contained warnings about side effects for individuals having a history of kidney or bone loss associated disorders.

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