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Buying Used BMW Cars from an Authorized Dealer

The growth of the used car market is accelerated every year as an American appetite for a new car rental exceeds the historical trend to buy a car with a four and five-year car loan. The transition to leasing leads to used car cycles that can be predicted to appear on the market. Most rental cars are returned to dealers within 24 and 36 months from the date of rent. 

The leasing phenomenon has changed the dynamics of the used car market with the introduction of high-quality used cars that often have low mileage and excellent service results. Many readers might remember the days when many used cars look like a collection of "inappropriate toys". At present, a used car dealer tries hard to find high-quality cars, low mileage without accident history, abuse, or car stress.  You can also visit the BMW Premium Selectie Showroom to purchase the best quality used cars from certified dealers.

The Certified BMW Carved Car (CPO) program is an example of serious reception by used car buyers. BMW has made a certification checklist that all used vehicles must pass to qualify as CPO vehicles. If BMW is still borne by the original warranty and the CPO checklist, BMW will add an additional two years / 50,000 miles to the original warranty. When I learned about this program, I was amazed to see the guarantee of a used BMW car that you can get from the BMW dealer.

When buying used BMW or other used vehicles, check the manufacturer's warranty program. Because there are many high-quality BMW cars on the market, it's a good idea to buy a car from an official BMW dealer.