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Blockout Roller Blinds: Melbourne Summer Made Easy

blockout roller blinds cover image

Roller blinds are a type of blind that is characterised by the spinning of a wheel that rolls or unrolls a blind to cover or uncover a window. Blockout roller blinds are made of a fabric that closely resembles plastic-coated-fabric that blocks out most or all of the light in a room. 

Melbourne, located in the south-east of Australia in the state of Victoria, is known for its harsh but amazing summers they can get extremely hot and windy but are also great for those that enjoy maximising daylight use. This article will take a look at the benefits that blockout rollers blinds can provide.  

Slimline Appearance

When the blinds are in their raised position, the fabric rolls onto its fitting and remains in its compact state until the blind is lowered over the window. This means that, unlike other blind types, there are no drapes of fabric left hanging across any part of the window. 

Light Reduction

The number one benefit of blockout rollers blinds is their ability to eliminate most of the light entering a window. The closer a blind is fitted to the window the more light it will block out. This is why proper installation is key. For this to work, the blind should be larger than the window recess and roll backwards off of the fitting so that the blind is as close to the wall as possible. 

Heat Reduction

Being that the Melbourne summer is so hot, window insulation is a higher priority in order to reduce those cooling bills. Blockout blinds add this extra layer of protection to not only reflect some of the heat that would otherwise penetrate the window but also to maintain the coolness in a room – remember cool stays in and heat stays out. 

image of blockout blinds

Lower Power Bills

With rooms automatically staying cooler in summer, the air conditioners won’t need to work as hard to cool a room. This will mean that the power bill will be lower -everyone loves to see the return on their investment in a tangible way!

Noise Reduction

Noises of outside traffic or other distractions will be reduced due to the structure of the blockout roller blind. Their thickness and plastic-like appearance make it difficult for sound waves to travel through, thereby helping you maintain an environment free from those unwanted outside noises. If you live in a noisy household, this can also be of benefit to your neighbours as it will reduce the noise escaping your house.

We have explored the benefits that blockout blinds can provide to a home, particularly in a hot Melbournian summer. Melbourne summers are hot and the days are long so can result in high power bills for cooling the home. Blockout roller blinds provide light, noise (for you and your neighbours) and heat reduction, reduced power bills, and a cleaner tidier appearance when they are in their open position.