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Basic Facts to Know about Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery is an option you should consider if nothing else you are doing is giving you the relief you need from bunion pain. Have you tried padding, guards, and splints, and have taken anti-inflammatory drugs and are still suffering from severe bunion pain? If nothing has given you bunion relief, and you are discouraged, frustrated and in constant pain, then it's time to consider bunion surgery.

If you are wondering what this surgery will be like and what you should expect in terms of bunion surgery recovery, here are some basic facts to consider:

  • Surgery usually takes place on an outpatient basis, and generally takes about an hour.
  • A local anesthetic will be applied to the foot, but a sedative can be given to the patient if needed.
  • Most people are satisfied with the results, but there are no guarantees that all your pain will be eliminated.
  • You will need to stay completely off your foot for at least a week after surgery and keep your foot totally dry.
  •  Many people are able to resume some activities after a two-week period.

Around 85% of the people who have surgery experience enough relief to rate the surgery worthwhile. This statistic should help you decide if you want to give this surgery a try. Anticipating any kind of foot surgery can be unnerving, but living with bunion pain that just won't respond to non-invasive measures is not an option many people can accept