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Bangor Cathedral

Founded c.525, more than 70 years before Canterbury, the Cathedral is the only institution in Bangor that has persisted through the changing scenes of national and local life.

Small it may be by comparison with many other cathedrals in these islands, but if people let the building speak for itself, they find that its natural charm and simplicity make its own appeal.

The Cathedral is old, but it is no anachronism; it has much that is historic, but it is no museum; it thrills, but it does not over-awe. We can only make sense of our Cathedral when we remember that for almost fifteen centuries it has been a place of worship and prayer.

We thank God that our Cathedral still plays its part in the modern world, both as the Mother Church of a large but rural diocese and as a place where there is a constant offering of worship and praise to the glory of God. For this, it was built and for this, we strive to maintain it. May it also be a place of inspiration and peace to all who find their way here.

The Cathedral Church of Saint Deiniol


The Cathedral is a house of God, it is a holy place Cathedral is a place set apart for the worship of God: we seek to set standards of excellence in a constant round of worship to his glory, the source of all beauty.
The Cathedral is the ‘cathedra’ or seat of the Bishop in which he offers Eucharist and teaches the Christian faith: we seek by word and deed to proclaim the truth of the Gospel.
The Cathedral is the mother of the church of the Diocese: we seek to make it a dynamic center of its life.
The Cathedral is a place of pilgrimage and of meeting with God: we seek to provide a ministry of welcome, and to listen and care for, and meet the needs of all who come here.
The Cathedral is a base for evangelistic outreach: we seek to go out in God’s name to witness to his love and goodness and to serve his people in the world.
All who work here help towards this end, but in our own strength we can do none of these things, so first we ask God
To quicken our conscience by his holiness
To nourish our mind by his truth
To purify our imagination by his beauty
To open our heart to his love, and
To surrender our will to his purpose.