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About Basketball Hoop Backboards

The backboard of a basketball hoop is an essential part of the system. The backboard is the most important difference between a low and high-end hoop. The backboards of the more expensive hoops are thicker, stronger, and larger. They perform and look similar to those found in gyms. You can also purchase the best basketball hoop from various websites.

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While the rectangle is the most popular shape, there are also fan-shaped models. These are the most common models that are cheap, like those made for children. Because they are larger and easier to take bank shots from, the rectangle is the better model. Because they are more like what you'd see in organized basketball, they look more real.


The price tag is directly related to the size of the backboard. The hoop will cost more if it is larger than the backboard. The NCAA and NBA have a regulation size of 72 inches. You, as a buyer, want to purchase the largest size possible based on your budget. 

The entry-level models measure 42 inches in diameter. This is a small size for a hooped and should not be used by children under 10 years old. Children aged 10 and up should choose a size of at least 50 inches.


Another important factor to consider is the cost. Tempered glass is the highest quality material. Tempered glass is the best quality material you'll find in gyms around the world. This material is the strongest and most rigid. A system with a glass backboard will cost you around 1,000 dollars. It's an excellent investment, considering its features.