The Benefits of an Asian Diet

A traditional Asian diet is nothing too fancy and comprised of basic fare such as rice, millet, corn, breads, grains, vegetables, noodles, nuts and some fruits. Usually poultry is used once per week and red meats only once a month. Herbs such as fennel, ginger, tumeri , amchoor , chiles , curry leaves and garlic play an important role in the food preparation , and may help aid in the health of the person enjoying the food.. Eggs are also used once per week in moderation. Even beer and sake wine are allowed. It is also advised that anyone sticking to the Asian diet should consume at least six glasses for water per day or more. Tea, especially green tea, should also play a role in the diet. Sticking to such a diet is believed to help you lose weight, improve your overall health and may even ultimately help prevent disease.

Scientists have proven that people in Asian countries usually suffer from less cancers or heart disease. They are generally not as obese as Americans either. Such a combination has helped increase Asian’s life expectancy dramatically over that of Westerners. Studies appear to indicate that the diet and genetics all play a role in their increased life span and reduced incidences of of serious, often life-threatening, diseases.

If you have opted to enjoy an Asian diet to lose weight, please remember that you will also need to exercise. Diet plays an important role in weight loss but should always be used in combination with exercise. Some health care officials suggest at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day.

Asian diets do not appear to cause any major health concerns, but before undertaking one you you should consult with your family doctor.

Recipes are often hard to come across. You can locate some on the internet, and you can also custom design each dish to fit your own taste.

The diet can be moderately expensive but you can also customize it to fit your individual taste and requirements. Because the various foods are packed with fiber, you should not feel overly hunger, and you should leave the table satisfied. You also have no true calorie cap when enjoying an Asian diet, so you can eat as much as you want to eat. Such leniency means that you won’t find yourself becoming obsessed with how many calories each item contains. You can just sit back and enjoy the overall dining experience.