Slimquick Reviews

Not sure if these reviews are for real since the negatives are all paragraphs long with extensive complaints yet the positives and neutrals are just two or three sentences claiming to like it. I’m surprised at how many negative comments seem to not understand how cleansing products work. You’re getting the toxins out of your system like a mild detox so of course you may feel a little off at first. It will be harder on people who have poor diets. PLEASE read up on drugs and herbs before taking them. Don’t go into it uneducated like some here.”

I just bought the product and today will be my first day. I am going to try it despite the negative feedback. I have tried several cleansers and they made my stomach cramp and made me fill all yucky but that is what the products do. I have an herb book and it is helpful. You just have to go through those different things. But what can we expect when we put crap in our bodies. I am tired of the headaches from eating too much sugar and fried foods. I am not looking for a weight loss but a jump start like it says. It you fasted, you would understand why you feel the way you do on this program. Fasting doesn’t make me go – no it doesn’t but it made me feel yucky all the same because we stop giving our bodies the nasty things. Try fasting and you will see what I am talking about. We can get cramping and diarrhea when we eat alot of the wrong things or when they don’t agree with our bodies.

I just started this today and so far i’m feeling okay. I have a pretty weak stomach but it is a cleanse so it’s kind of expected to feel a little off and go to the bathroom a lot. i guess we shall see what comes.

I’m on day three of using the cleanse and so far so good. I haven’t had any negative effects other than stomach cramps when i have to poo, but that’s not any different than the usual. I’m not sure if i’ve lost any weight as of yet, but i know i don’t feel bad. I have a sensitive digestive system and it seems to be doing just fine.

Today is my second day taking the pill. I have had maybe one side effect that people are saying they’ve had. More gas than usual, but I feel perfectly fine. I used to get headaches frequently, but I haven’t had any surprisingly. I think it doesn’t work very well if you’re not exercising and you’re eating junk. So I don’t know. We’ll have to see.