Restaraunt Reviews Taste of Thailand Etobicoke Ontario Canada

I fear I may be a biased writer as I write this restaraunt review, however if you are looking for the best Thai place West of Toronto, look no further than Taste of Thailand!

Located on 5310 Dundas Street West, Just about a block from the Kipling TTC stop, tucked across the street of the Canadian Tire and curiously (or suspiciously?) next door to the “Adult Video and Play Store” This Thai restaraunt offers fine fare, great food, a lunch special menu stocked full of goodies and a selection of other fine menu items and drinks!

I have visited “The Taste of Thailand” on more than five different occsions and I have never left disappointed. I particularly like the curries that they serve, but for those with a taste for something nice but not quite so spicy the signature Chicken Pad Thai never disappoints either.

Lunch specials are served from 11:30am to 3pm, with a soup of the day and a spring roll. I’ve enjoyed the tang and bite of a Thai hot and sour soup, and a nice aromatic and wholesome pumpkin soup that they once served on a seasonal basis. Special Menu prices range from Six to Ten dollars, but are well worth the value given.

A good selection of curries and seafood and other dishes are available off the regular menu. One of my favorites is the Ginger Duck, the tender meat mixed in with a variety of vegetables and the ginger flavoring really leaves the taste buds begging for more. Full Menu prices range from Eight to Fifteen dollars, and the portions are well worth the prices!

The Taste of Thailand has a liquor license, which allows them to serve various drinks and offers a fair standard selection of beers and wines. Outside of perhaps one of the Thai beers, I had not noticed anything particularly exotic or different from what you could likely pick up at a local Beer Store or LCBO.
My drink suggestion for this restaraunt is of the non-alcoholic variety.
Ask for a Thai Iced Tea. A mixture of a blended Thai Tea, the flavoring is a succulent and sweet assault on the taste buds, with a heavy cream decadence that just lingers there for a few moments. This drink compliments a good spicy dish nicely for cooling down the heat. For coffee lovers Thai Iced Coffee is available too.

However, hands down, if you are looking to share or split one of the restaraunts appetizers, they have one of the finest most decadent creations of an appetizer I have ever had the pleasure to crunch down upon.

The best appetizer that makes Taste of Thailand rather unique in just about the ENTIRE greater Toronto area, as I haven’t ever seen it on any menus elsewhere in the GTA to this point, is a bit of a ‘steal’ from the New England area Thai Restaurants, it is the dish of Crab Rangoon.

Crab Rangoon takes the deliciousness of a wonton wrapping, stuffs it full of a mixture of imitation crab meat, whipped cream cheese, chopped chives, crushed garlic and a few other ‘secret ingredients’ and then puts it in a deep frier to toast it to a warm perfection. It comes served with a sweet Thai sauce with small red pepper flakes suspended in it. At a reasonable Five dollar appetizer price you get four rather large Rangoon-Meteorites served at your table.

On repeated visits my friends and I have re-named it, due to the decadent nature of the dish “Crack Rangoon”.

Visit Taste of Thailand, and enjoy many tastes and dishes for yourself. Keep them in business, as they certainly deserve it, and I would be heartbroken if my only local source of “Crack Rangoon” disappeared without a trace.