Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Sometimes called impotence, erectile dysfunction is an extremely common issue for men in general. They estimate that between 15 and 30 million men suffer from ED every year, and for that reason, there are obviously quite a few people looking for the best solution. Every year, more and more are turning to natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, because they are unsatisfied with prescription options such as Viagra and Levitra. They come with too many side effects and the benefits are not enough.

There are obviously quite a few products out there claiming to provide you with natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. Some of them work, and some of them don’t. But frankly speaking, you can find effective natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. Of course, the best known option is a product known as ExtenZe. They say it’s not just a gimmick, but real science, even comparing themselves to the well known Viagra.

ExtenZe has quite a few different ingredients all combined into one 600mg proprietary blend. They claim to use everything from the clinically proven horny goat weed, which works as a powerful natural aphrodisiac and has even been compared in studies to ingredients found in Viagra and Levitra, to the natural testosterone booster known as tribulus terrestis. Horny goat weed is of course the best known one as it has specifically been tested as a natural remedy for mild erectile dysfunction.

The problem with ExtenZe is the fact that they again use that proprietary blend. There’s actually nothing wrong with the ingredients. Quite a few of them are ingredients we would look for in an optimal natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. The problem is that they don’t have the right amounts. They use that small 600mg proprietary blend to account for 19 different ingredients. So you can imagine the tiny amounts.

But if you are looking for a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, you can take some cues from ExtenZe believe or not. First of all, you can look for horny goat weed. But you can also look for natural testosterone boosters like tribulus terrestis, amino acids such as l-arginine, and energizers/natural stimulants such as Korean ginseng. Many of these ingredients also have a number of different benefits that you might not expect such as high levels of certain vitamins and other essential nutrients. To find the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, you have to have all of these things.

So what are the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction? There is a product known as Orexis. It has all the essential ingredients as well as some other ingredients that help the body along the way. But more importantly, it has the right, clinically proven amounts meant to help you to battle erectile dysfunction and improve your sexual experience in general.