Making your Appetizers look Elegant and Appetizing

There are many ways to give an elegant touch to your party appetizers. They can be very simple and understated or expensive and unique but they will all draw attention to the foods you have so lovingly prepared for your party or special event. 

Trays and Other Containers

An elegant silver tray will make your appetizers more formal and appealing. Flat baskets of Italian breads will look warm and inviting. A copper chafing dish with meatballs or egg rolls will keep them warm and appetizing.  A Mexican sombrero brim can be filled with tortilla chips to go with the seven layer dip and homemade salsa you have chosen. Use containers that match the theme and colors of the event for impact and impression.


Sometimes just a simple garnish alongside the foods will draw oohs and aahhs from your guests. A Christmas salmon tray would be complete with a cream cheese Santa Claus. Fruit kabobs for a baby shower would look just right with a watermelon baby carriage centerpiece. Sometimes just a dusting of chopped red and green pepper or parsley flakes will make your foods come alive.  

Method of Service

Instead of just setting appetizers on a flat table, create elevations for more interest and easier access. Use crates or boxes of varying heights, cover with linens and set trays on top.  Hire a gloved waiter to pass easy-to-serve foods as well as wines and other drinks. If you wish to serve meats with tiny pocket rolls and condiments, consider displaying large pieces of tenderloin, prime rib or New York strip that can be carved in front of the guests by a uniformed chef or cook and then served. If you have several different types of appetizers, consider spreading them around your home or party area in different stations where guests can mingle and sample at their leisure.


Surround your appetizers on a buffet table with delightful and interesting accents. Candelabra, fresh flowers, ice carvings and seasonal centerpieces are just a few that can be used for extra impact. Add votive candles all around the foods for evening functions.  Use different shaped tables for a more elegant but eclectic look. Linens and table skirting will also add color and texture.

There are so many ways to elegantly serve appetizers at your event – the methods you choose will depend on your food selections, your budget and personal preferences. Choose the ones that will suit the theme and tone of your event in the best way possible.