How to Give an Elegant Touch to any Party Appetizer

Providing an elegant touch to party appetizers provides an excellent way leave guests impressed. Enhancing any dish is simply a matter of creativity. Garnishes, sauces, plate ware, and decorations are successful ways to add some flair and show your creative side.

Garnishes adorn dishes by adding a little extra pizazz. Most times there is no need for elaborate ploys.  Simply adding fruits and vegetables to the mix offers color and personality. For seafood appetizers adding a side of lemon and sprinkling parsley over them is a great choice. Egg rolls serve as a great appetizer choice. They can easily be enhanced by placing them on a bed of lettuce adding chipotle ranch drizzle over them. Sprinkling fresh herbs over dishes adds visual appeal. The secret to garnishes is to offer a contrast without overwhelming the central item on the dish. Using sauces that are vibrant enhances appeal while enhancing flavor.

Decorating serving tables by using cake stands helps appetizers stand out. Fresh fruit and vegetables can serve as a center piece adding contrasting colors to other dishes. Candles and flowers scattered around serving tables is always a nice touch. Themed occasions are a great way to utilize the serving area to highlight the occasion. The table should be easily assessable from all sides to keep the line moving. If hot dishes are served they should be on the ends while cold foods adorn the interior.

Sculpting appetizers into various shapes is great for themed parties. A cheese platter in the shape of a football stadium for the super bowl is sure to be a hit. Vegetable trays are a healthy appetizers choice with many creative ways they can be set highlighting the holiday or theme. Melons and pumpkins can be hollowed at and turned into serving containers. These are great for serving dips. People will remember the occasion and it brings attention to the dips.

Serving scaled down appetizers creates an atmosphere conducive to interactions between guests. The idea of hosting a party is to have a good time and be engaged. Appetizers are great since they offer good food while providing people flexibility to move around and mingle. Bite sized appetizers can provide a gourmet impression. Some good choices are bite sized pepper steaks, sliders, and crab cakes. A mini meal in a glass adds elegance, great flavor, and gets the guests talking about the food. In high scale settings it has become very popular for gourmet chefs to create many unique combinations.

Plate presentation is important to enhancing a food’s appeal. People eat with their eyes first and if it looks great people are more apt to enjoy their food. People often don’t try foods that lack visual appeal. Decorative dishes are a good way to highlight appetizers. It is also important that plates are proportional what is being served. Balance is important if the plates crowded the food looks sloppy. Too much room leaves food looking meager.

Appetizers are extremely versatile and their limit is the imagination of the host. With a little creativity elegance can be added to virtually any appetizer. The key is planning. There are several good appetizer recipes here that are sure to be a hit.