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A restaurant experience is what one makes of it. Each day, some diners choose to purchase a $1.00 burger at the local fast food joint and others opt for a delicately plated ice cream sundae with gold shavings for $1000. What is good for one (either for the palette, the pocket or both) may not be good or desirable for another. Dining is about the food as much as it is about the experience. What may be desirable to one may not be to another.

So, are the most expensive restaurants in the world worth their price tags? Sure they are! Because the people who choose to dine there are dining for the food and the experience. The amount of the meal connotes a value that is acceptable to them, hence why they pay the price to dine. Each time one makes a purchase, we expect that the return will be greater than the price we have paid. The return could be anything, such as the satisfaction for enjoying a fine dining experience. A person appalled by someone who would purchase a $1000 ice cream sundae may be appalling to someone else because they spend what they may perceive to be a high price on something else. Expensive is relative, worth is determined on an individual basis.

For many, dining is an experience that is meant to be enjoyed and pursuing a variety of dining experiences is a key part of life no matter the cost. Those who are willing and able to pay the price for a culinary experience that many may consider “expensive” feel that the worth of the experience justifies the cost. The price one is willing to pay for a good or service isn’t right or wrong, nor can another tell a person what the worth of the experience should be. We are free to choose the dining experience that we desire and to embark upon the culinary journey that bring our palette and all of our senses delight. For some, dining has been described as a spiritual experience, Charlie Trotter once wrote “All four elements were happening in equal measure – the cuisine, the wine, the service and the overall ambiance. It taught me that dining could happen on a spiritual level.”

According to Forbes (2005 list), some of the most pricey restaurants in the world are: Aragwa (Japan), Arpege (France), Eigensinn Farm (Canada), Sketch (London) and Tetsuya’s (Sydney).