Drink Recipes London French 75

First of all, this could be one of the best-named cocktails in the entire world.  The history of the drink is equally fantastic.  The French 75 has acquired a large following in the US after it was popularised in the Stork Club in New York City but the origins likely lie back in Europe, as a British drink created in Paris (at Harry’s American Bar) by Scottish bartender and cocktail legend Harry MacElhone.  MacElhone created the drink in 1925 and named it after the 75mm Howitzer field gun used by the French in the First World War.

The recipe is a champagne cocktail; get those flutes at the ready!

♦ Method

1.5 shot London dry gin (for best results use Bombay London)

0.5 shot Lemon juice

0.25 shot Sugar syrup

Topped with Champagne (Brut)

Shake the first three ingredients over ice and strain into a chilled champagne flute.  Top with the champagne and garnish with a twist of lemon.

The taste should be reminiscent of sherbet with the lingering taste of champagne.  It is a great drink- tastes fantastic, has a ton of history behind it and is relatively unique.  As Harry Craddock wrote, “It hits with remarkable precision”.  Of course, if you so wish, there are plenty of variants…

♦ Variants

The ‘French 76’ substitutes gin with vodka, garnished with a Maraschino cherry.  The ‘French 77’ is 1.5 shot St. Germain elderflower liqueur, 0.5 shot Lemon juice, topped with champagne.  For a Valentine’s Day twist on the ’75, use pink champagne and garnish with a strawberry.

However you prepare it, the ’75 is a deceptively strong drink which hits all the right notes.  It is great for all occasions, from celebrations to dinner parties and has stood the test of time.  So load up your glass and fire off a few rounds tonight!

Lots of Wings and Things

There are many chain restaurants in Novi. You can try almost any type of food that your heart desires. Buffalo Wild Wings is located just around the corner from the Residence Inn and if you are staying there it is the perfect place to get dinner. Well it is the perfect place unless it happens to be the night that the Detroit Tigers are trying to get into the playoffs.

We arrived at about 6:30 PM and being New Englanders had no idea why the restaurant seemed to be so busy on a Tuesday night. We soon found out, there was an hour and a half wait for a table and that was only a guess since no one was leaving because the game was tied and then went into overtime. We decided that take out was going to be the best option and luckily they are well prepared for this and even have a place set up where you can place your order or pick up if you have ordered over the phone.

Luckily for us, Tuesdays is the night that they double your wing order. Order six, they will give your 12. You can have one flavor or do 6 of one flavor and 6 of another. You have the choice of a variety of flavors ranging from a mild buffalo and a mild barbeque to mind blowing heat., with lots in between.

We did two orders of wings with their potatoes which as it turned out are not French fries but are sliced discs . My husband had a burger and fries. It took about half and hour to get our order and they threw in the celery and ranch and blue cheese dressings to go with it and did offer to get us a drink. We joked that the cook must be watching the game too. When we left most of the people who had been there when we got there , were still waiting to be seated. The game went to 13 innings I think so we did the right thing to bring the food back to our room.

I was pleasantly surprised by the wings. They were a nice size and very well cooked. Both flavors I tried were good and I was only able to eat 6. The good news was that I had them for supper again the next night. The real treasure was those potatoes, they are wonderful. Not at all greasy, perfectly cooked and fresh as can be, we really loved them.

The Buffalo Wild Wings menu offers lots of options beyond wings. They have salads, sandwiches and flatbreads and of course a full bar.

Would I eat here again, well yes I would love to try eating in. The food is good, the staff was helpful and it was a very trying time and they all kept not only their cool but their sense of humors.

Food in Hampstead London

To begin our travel upon the best food restaurants we must first start off with our breakfast. Breakfast is an essential to a nice productive day. There is one place within Hampstead, London that has some of the best breakfast in the world. This place is known for its delicious Bellini. Bellini are delicious drinks that can be served in a variety of different flavors in the morning, all the way until their closing times. There is a delicious seafood breakfast available for many who truly enjoy eating seafood. Before trying to arrive to this restaurant, it’s recommended that you make reservations. This restaurant is known as none other than the bar of all bars, ‘The Alice House’ . This is a very nice, and dressy restaurant, without a price tag that high. It serves breakfast, and brunch with a price range of around 11 pounds up to 25 pounds. There is a nice soft blend of music in the background that allows you to be at ease as you enjoy your delicious meal. It’s nice for families and groups to dine together here also, which makes it just that much more impressive. This superb restaurant opens at 9 in London, and closes at 23 hours from Monday to Thursday. Friday-Saturday it opens from 9-1, and on Sunday it opens at 9:30, and closes at 23:00. When you go to Hampstead, London, be sure to eat at this breakfast and brunch bar for a nice experience, and to be in great company. 

The next meal of the day is a delicious, somewhat nutritious lunch. For lunch be sure to go to Da Roberto (An Italian  restaurant) . Da Roberto offers a large variety of delicious lunch choices without the large prices. The prices are from 10 pounds, and under, which serves as a nice spot to save a lot of money for snacks later, and for your dinner. Da Roberto serves delicious plates filled with pastas, they have a large array of breads, sandwiches, bags of crisps (chips), and a large variety of different foods. The prices are the best part though to many people due to the prices being so low. The environment is nice, small, and friendly. There is also the option of take-out, and many people find this as one of the best parts. The service is friendly, and the customers love the large delicious portions. After eating a delicious lunch at Da Roberto’s, be sure to allow yourself the chance to grab a snack before continuing on your journey. 

 When you become hungry once again, be sure to eat your dinner at a place that locals crave to eat at. This food joint is known as  Le Pain Quotidien. At Le Pain Quotidien, they truly bring the pain in the area of deliciousness. Here there is a nice outdoor seating area if you choose, or possibly even an indoor seating area. The price range is for that of an average family wanting a nice dinner. It’s menu prices range from 11-25 pounds. The setting is perfect for the family with children, and for just about anyone seeking to enjoy a nice time. There is a broad range of different types of foods available in this nice, modern restaurant. So if you’re looking for a nice day out in Hampstead, London be sure to eat at these wonderful restaurants. The service is top of the line, and the prices aren’t.

Sources- http://www.yelp.co.uk


Fine Dining – Yes

On the average lunch date, we’ll get up, get dressed, go out, argue about whether to walk, take a bicycle or the metro if it’s far away, arrive, and eat, an activity that usually takes about an hour or less from start to finish.
Our experiences of high-end restaurants have been few and far between, and not all of them worth the cost, but a recent trip to a Michelin starred restaurant was enough to convince me that a rich, luxurious, drunk-with-happiness lunch can be worth a hefty price tagonce in a while.
A thirtieth birthday doesn’t come every day, and this day started with the usual routineget up, get dressed, run late, take the metro by necessity rather than inclination. We emerged from the restaurant over three hours later, pleasantly tipsy off some lovely and forgotten white wine, and positively reeling with the happiness of having been stuffed to the brim with eight tiny and exquisite courses.
We experienced immaculate yet unfussy service in three languages. We received as an aperitif the best stuffed olives in the world. We ate things we had barely known existed, and sat and remarked upon them knowingly between tiny sliced forkfuls as though we were experts in the field. We drank a potion of maple syrup. We dined with a feeling of scientific justification on suckling pig vacuum cooked for 24 hours, whatever that means. We fell in love with the most tender, solitary and succulent scallop in all of Europe, perched upon a bed of caramelized onion foam. We started off nervously, I admit, a little out of place, but weakened under the strain of tiny portions and a seemingly never-ending bottle of wine. We found ourselves relaxed, although still taking pictures of everything with a cell phone, furtively looking over our shoulders to be sure the waiters didn’t see. Feelings of disbelief at our surroundings returned after a trip to the washroom revealed a designer perfume air freshener, and a paper towel thicker than my duvet. We’re still not sure if we left a large enough tip.
An expensive restaurant should only be enjoyed for what it is: a decadent experience, a luxury that shouldn’t and for most people cannot be a regular occurrence. As such it’s nice if it has been adequately researched ahead of time, reviews and the menu read in advance if possible, and if it is thematically appropriate, either for the occasion, or the people involved. It should be indulged in every moment that you are there, and every detail remembered, from the multiple textures on one massive plate housing a sliver of tuna and an accompanying droplet of lemon sauce, to the mystifying five test tubes of different sugars that come with the coffee. And if all of this is experienced, wondered at, recounted in anecdote, and in short consumed every bit as much at the deconstructed cardamom crumble, then it is worth more than your average meal, isn’t it?

The Mahal Cambridge Review

Infamous around Cambridge University students, The Mahal offers reasonably priced food but falls down on its atmosphere. It would be perfectly possible to write two separate reviews for this restaurant, one from the point of view of a student and one from the point of view of a member of the public, such is the disparity of the experience. As a student, The Mahal offers a cheap meal and a an accepting team of waiters and managers. The site for many a ‘swap’ (social dinner between drinking societies of opposite sexes), the curry stains on the ceiling attest to many a raucous night for the student denizens of Cambridge. The restaurant caters very well to the students, offering group discounts and a free glass of wine or beer, as well as letting students bring their own bottle of wine. Whilst the food is average to poor, this is compensated for by the price and the copious quantities of alcohol consumed by its student customers.

As a member of the public, the experience is far less pleasing. Customers have to put up with the manic laughter and antics of the students who frequently make The Mahal their home on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. The toilets are often left in a rather unsavoury state after the inevitable mess created by students who have consumed a lot of alcohol. Although the staff generally house the students in a separate section, the noise is still unacceptable to normal guests, especially in the infamous ‘freshers week’. The quality of the food, as mentioned earlier is not the best. The naan bread is often quite soggy and curries have been known to be delivered cold. The quality of service is reasonable, the waiters are generally personable but there is nothing particularly stellar to report over.

One advantage for the restaurant is its good location in town. Located near to the city centre and the river, the restaurant is certainly well endowed with lots to see and do before and after your meal. For example, only 5 minutes down Kings Parade is Kings College, and slightly further down are Trinity and St. John’s colleges, all popular tourist destinations.

Overall, the experience you can garner from The Mahal depends on from which walk of life you come from. If you are a student, The Mahal is fantasticly good value for money and provides a sometimes raucous atmosphere that pleases very many. On the other hand, as a general member of the public, the price and location does not make up for the loud atmosphere and the somewhat lacking food quality. Overall the restaurant gets two stars out of five.

Guide to Cedar Plank Cooking

Cedar plank cooking is an easy way to add flavor to any dish.  Originally developed to provide a stable, flat surface for grilling seafood,   the smoky flavored cedar planks have made it a popular method for cooking a variety of other foods as well.

If the plank will be used on a grill, it must be soaked in water for two to four hours before grilling.  Soaking the plank helps keep the wood from catching fire while it is being used.  The idea is to get the wood to smolder, rather than burn, so that the meat becomes infused with smoke.  If the wood begins to flame, spray it lightly with water.  To soak the wood, place it in a container large enough for the plank to lay flat, place two heavy objects at each end to keep it from floating, and fill the container with water.

Before placing it on the grill, brush the side on which the meat will be placed with a thin layer of cooking oil.  This will prevent sticking.  It is important not to use too much oil, though, because oil is flammable.  Warm the board by allowing it to sit on the grill for a few minutes prior to placing the meat on it.  Cedar plank grilling is very simple because there is no need to flip the meat.  This allows the cook to do other tasks, such as preparing a sauce or even cooking other foods.  Plank grilling takes about one and a half times as long as grilling on charcoal or gas because the food is not directly exposed to the heat.

A plank can only be used for grilling one time.  If the grill being used is charcoal, the wood can be left to burn up. If using a gas grill, however, remove the wood as soon as possible to minimize the amount of ash that falls into the pit.

Those who don’t have time to barbecue or don’t have the space for a grill can still add an authentic, barbecued flavor to their food by baking on a cedar plank.  This method is commonly used for salmon but has been extended to other baked meats such as poultry and other kinds of seafood.  Even vegetables can be baked on a cedar plank.  Although the wood does not produce smoke, the food is flavored by the oils that seep from the plank.  Just like grilling on cedar planks, cedar plank baking requires soaking the wood prior to use.  It is also necessary to warm the plank by placing it in a preheated oven for five minutes and coat it with oil before placing the food on it.  Another difference between baking and grilling using cedar is that the wood can accelerate the baking process rather than slow it down.

Cedar planks are commercially available at most stores that sell cookware.  However, they are not difficult to make.  Simply cut a 1-inch thick plank of cedar down to a length of about 12 inches and a width of about 8 inches.  Then use sandpaper to smooth one side of the plank.

Convenience, as well as ease, makes cedar plank cooking an ideal method for those who wish to give their food a rich, smoky flavor which is not provided by regular charcoal or gas grilling or by oven baking. 

Olive Garden Restaurants

Olive Garden provides a comfortable dining environment and offers excellent food and service. Highly recommended as a restaurant for any occasion, Olive Garden is the place to go for Italian food.

You can expect to be greeted by a host or hostess as you enter the restaurant and be seated promptly. The staff is normally very helpful, eager to answer any questions and makes sure your requests are handled quickly and efficiently.

The restaurant is dim enough to enjoy the absence of harsh light but bright enough to read the menu. The atmosphere is very nice and relaxed.

Our drinks have always been served quickly. The menu is easy to read and the descriptions of dishes are very accurate. Specials are offered by the waiter or waitress.

If you drink alcoholic beverages, Olive Garden has a huge selection of drinks. Being a huge fan of their frozen strawberry margaritas, I haven’t tried many other drinks there but the margarita is one of the best I’ve had anywhere.

The breadsticks are always fresh and delicious. They are served soon after you are seated. You can order warm marinara sauce as a dipping sauce from the appetizer menu. I highly recommend this.

The restaurant offers an answer for customers such as myself who can not make a decision. It offers a dinner dish called Tour of Italy which combines three of its classic recipe dishes. Tour of Italy consists of lasagna, chicken parmigiana and fettuccine alfredo. This is a lot of food but caters to those who want a sampling of these dishes. Priced at $14.95, this dish costs more than other dishes, which range from $9.50 to $12.75, due to the amount of food provided.

If it is possible to save room for dessert, I highly recommend the White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake., 664, 500, ‘menu_item_detail’, ‘yes’);

Olive Garden’s dishes are priced very reasonably and you definitely get enough food. I’ve never left hungry and they don’t break the checkbook with ridiculous prices or added costs.

The salad and fresh bread are brought to the table. Fresh Parmesan cheese is served.

For anyone who hasn’t tried Olive Garden, I highly recommend you try it. This is a great restaurant that offers a nice environment and a tasty meal for a very reasonable cost.

To find a location near you, look at the menu and read more about this wonderful restaurant, visit Olive Garden online. I have never had a negative experience at this restaurant and have visited Olive Garden in many cities while traveling. Everything I’ve ever tasted there was delicious. Thank you to the staff and management of Olive Garden for keeping this a welcoming dining experience any time of the year.

Curry King Review

If one were to compare restaurants to cars, the Curry King would be a Ford Mondeo. Reasonably priced and reliable, but does not do anything to suggest anything extraordinary. 

The Curry King is one of the favourite haunts of Cambridge’s student population, due to its reasonably cheap food and warm and welcoming service. It offers a slightly more refined night than some of it’s competitors for the student market, and provides significantly better food. The set menu will set you back £12.50 per person, but for that you get a naan bread, poppadoms, a curry, rice and a free drink. The restaurant also allows customers to bring a bottle of wine with them for free. Whilst the food isn’t going to set the culinary world on fire, it certainly beats some of the Indian food in the area. The lamb dupiaza, is well worth a try.

In terms of the service, the waiters are friendly and attentive, and always have a smile on their faces. The service is actually one of the better points of the whole experience. There is never a long delay between the ordering of food and its serving and if there ever is any problem, it is dealt with without grumbling or glaring. Even when serving relatively large parties, there are very rarely any problems with order mix-ups and the speed of service does not appreciably change.

The food itself, whilst unlikely to ever set the world on fire, is of reasonably good quality. There is a wide range of dishes to choose from, with all the household favourites included as well as a mix of lesser known dishes. The meats that are used are of a good quality, although the sauces make it difficult to discern just how good. The dishes are generally well spiced without being overly spiced to the extent that the other flavours are masked. The only slight let-down are the naan breads,  which are occasionally a bit too soggy. Overall for the price that the restaurant charges, the food is of good quality.

The only thing that really lets the restaurant down is the décor. Rather than an authentic Indian feel, the restaurant is simply decked out with white walls and mirrors. The plain nature of the decoration does not add anything to the culinary experience, it doesn’t transport the customer or make them feel like they are anywhere else than in a Cambridge side street, and that in itself is slightly disappointing. However, this fault should not be considered as significant enough to dissuade anyone from eating at the restaurant given its other qualities.

Where are Dog Friendly Restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona

Many establishments have a no pet policy while others embrace furry little friends of all sizes. To provide customer service satisfaction some companies go to great lengths to make a consumer feel special and their pets feel pampered.

It used to be only hotels that were pet friendly but there are many establishments that are jumping on board and opening their doors to customers and their pets.

Here is a list of dog friendly restaurants in Scottsdale, Arizona

“Fresh Mint Modern Cuisine” specializes in vegetarian, vegan, and kosher dining and adds a splash of Vietnamese flavor and spices. Leashed dogs are welcomed in the patio seating area during normal business hours which are Monday through Saturday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm; closed Sunday. “Fresh Mint Modern Cuisine” is located at 13802 North Scottsdale Road and can be visited on line at www.freshmint.us.com.

“Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill” is located at 32415 North Scottsdale Road and is open Monday through Saturday 10:00 am to 9:00 pm and Sunday 11:00 am to 8:30 pm. “Rubio’s” serves authentic Mexican cuisine and welcomes well mannered leashed dogs in their patio seating area. Log on to www.rubios.com for additional information.

For the vegetarian dog owner that loves Italian food “Zpizza” has dozens of locations throughout the southern United States. “Zpizza” uses only organic ingredients when making their salads, pasta, pizza and sandwiches and is a favorite of many locals. “Zpizza,” located at 20511 North Hayden Road, welcomes diners and their dogs to the patio seating area Monday through Saturday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm and on Sunday 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. To learn more about “Zpizza” log on to www.zpizza.com.

“Kashman’s Place” is located at 32531 North Scottsdale Road and specializes in fresh baked bagels. This New York style deli offers soups, salads, desserts, sandwiches, and a variety of breakfast items. Customers and their pooch are welcomed in the patio seating area where they can have a bite to eat and sip a beverage from the espresso bar. “Kashman’s Place” is open seven days a week from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. For additional information log on to www.kashmansplace.net.

“Dos Gringos” was voted Arizona Central’s “Best Bar Patio” in March of 2010. “Dos Gringos” offers a variety of Mexican dishes, soup, salads, desserts, and beverages. Well mannered and leashed dogs are invited to patio seating. “Dos Gringos” is located at 4209 North Craftsman Court and is open until 2:00 am seven days a week. For more information log on to www.dosgringosaz.com.

Countless people regard their pets as valued members of the family and these restaurants make it possible for them to spend time together in a relaxed and delicious environment.


Dog Friendly

Loch Fyne is an Seafood Restaurant in Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth

Loch  Fyne in Portsmouth – ridiculous portion and long wait

Advantages: great fresh seafood.

Disadvantages: too expensive and not good service.

After visiting Portsmouth Historic Dockyard I had my dinner at Loch Fyne Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Portsmouth. It was the second time I have tried Loch Fyne restaurant. One year ago I tried Loch Fyne at Bluewater, Kent.

Brief information about Loch Fyne Oyster Bar & Restaurant:

Loch Fyne Oyster Bar & Restaurant is a chain restaurant that specializes in seafood and fish dishes and developed from a small, roadside stall on the banks of Loch Fyne in 2000 to a group of businesses. So far there are over 45 Loch Fyne restaurants around the UK. According to their statement the business philosophy of Loch Fyne is good food, sustainably sourced and simply presented by people who care. That means only the very best produce – farmed and fished to the highest quality and environmental standards reaches the kitchens and plates of their customers.

Location and Atmosphere:

Loch Fyne Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Portsmouth is located right in a Vulcan Building on the Canal side, the heart of Gunwharf Quays. It’s not far from the latest landmark in Portsmouth: Spinnaker Tower. It’s very noticeable among restaurants in Gunwharf Quays.

Loch Fyne Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Portsmouth is a relatively small restaurant. Their tables are small, but the chairs are quite cosy. The decoration celebrates the theme of fish and the sea. The staff is smartly attired, and friendly.

What did we have:

Loch Fyne menu has a decent variety of fish and seafood dishes, vegetarian and meat dishes, as well as refreshment options. Because we both wanted to have seafood, so we spent more time to find available seafood dishes.

We each ordered a starter and a main course, as well as a glass of wine plus a bottle of water and a portion of new potatoes.

Our Main courses were: Chilled half lobster with ginger and lime dressing served with a rocket and chicory salad -£14.85 and Seafood selection – grilled salmon, sea bass and king prawn with seared scallops served with lemon parsley butter, spinach and new potatoes – £16.50.

Our starters were priced £5.75 and £6.25 separately. It was £4.45 per glass of white wine. The large bottle of still water was £3 for two glasses. A portion of new potatoes was £2.50. So for the meal we totally paid over £ 63 including 10% tip.

My opinions:

Because I didn’t book my seat, so I was led to the bar area where I felt too crowded. I felt uncomfortable with the limited space. Next to me it was a young couple with a boy who made such noise.

We ordered our food before the young couple, but they were served earlier than us. Despite that I felt I still waited too long. In fact the restaurant was very quiet at the time.

The waitress tried to persuade us to order more by providing the wrong information. Our one main course already had new potatoes, but she suggested us to order another one. However at last we just got one portion of new potatoes but paid twice for it. Unfortunately I found the mistake when I was already at home. Also she didn’t collect our empty plates on time. So I didn’t think she deserved the tip of £7.

Last but not least I was not very satisfied with the food we had. The starters were in small portions. I was not impressed with them, so I even could not remember their names when I’m writing this review. They were seafood but were overcooked and too oily. Our seafood selection was surprisingly small: one salmon, one sea bass and one king prawn. We both felt being cheated for the price. However our another main course was really good. Although it was just a half lobster, but big enough for me. Having lobster was the main reason for me to visit Loch Fyne in Portsmouth. I got what I wanted.

I know seafood meals are always expensive, however I still think Loch Fyne is an over-priced restaurant considering the portion, the price and the service. I felt I didn’t get value for money and personally I would not visit Loch Fyne in Portsmouth again.