Back to School

Back to work in the morning. It has been a relaxing spring break. It’s been nice not to rush around in the mornings and push myself though the ills of the day. My fingernails and toenails are only getting worse, more painful too. I feel like putting little alarms around my feet so my son will remember not to step on them! No shoes are comfortable. I don’t think they will let me wear my furry leopard slippers to work! Wonder what I will do before long. No toenails, no fingernails and my eyes and nose running like a faucet. What a vision of beauty I am!! Race for the Cure on the 13th could be interesting. It is the first year, in four, that I have not run the three miles and now I am wondering if I will even be able to walk it. Things could always be worse. My mother-in-law lost a good friend to lung cancer today. She had really only known about her illness since December so she had a very short time to fight her disease. I know that Mary will be greatly missed by her friends and family. From what I understand she had not been herself since the diagnosis so she it should bring peace to those that loved her to know that she is no longer suffering.